If you are considering having your home insulated, it will be one of the more wiser decisions that you have ever made. Insulation works by providing a wall between your conditioned indoor space and the unconditioned space outside. Low levels of insulation and gaps in your insulation provide pathways in which heated and cooled air can escape.

The United States Department of Energy’s top recommendation for consumers to help reduce their energy bills is by adding insulation. The majority of homes in America are not fully insulated. Homes that are older are especially vulnerable and are susceptible to high energy costs. The first step to an energy efficient home is to reach proper levels of insulation. If your home is properly insulated, it takes less energy to heat and cool.

Do you feel comfortable in your home? That is, are you cool in the summer and warm in the winter? If not, insulating your home will make it more comfortable. If your home is not properly insulated, you could easily see an 8 to 12 degree difference in temperature from room to room. And just how comfortable is that?

By installing proper insulation levels, you immediately make your home more attractive to promising buyers. Studies indicate 86 percent of potential home buyers would choose a particular home over another based on its energy efficiency.

Finally, by properly insulating your home, you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. You see, reducing energy consumption reduces the greenhouse gasses that are detrimental to our world.

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