We’ve come a long way from thatching houses with grass! In fact, when you find yourself having to choose a type of roofing material, it can be difficult, there are so many choices! Your budget, preferences, and climate will determine the roof you choose. In our last blog, we explored three different types of roofing materials, including asphalt, metal, and wood shake. Today, we have three more material types for you to check out.

Composition slate

This roofing material is made from post-industrial synthetics. It gives you the beauty of slate without all the weight. It is still relatively rare compared to other types of roofing, but it is gaining traction. It is also called “rubber slate.”


This is the longest-lasting roof material. You’re literally topping your home with stone. As you would expect, the biggest challenge with slate is its weight. It must always be installed by professionals, because it is very slippery.


Called “Spanish Style,” this type of material dominates the roofs in Southern California and Florida. It is very fire-resistant and forms a bisected cylinder about 16 inches long. It isn’t as popular as it used to be, because it is also very heavy.

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