quote for a new roof

How To Ensure You Get an Accurate Quote For a New Roof

Sometimes homeowners get confused about the laws in Texas. For example, after we have an adjuster meeting, we are often asked to give our own estimate.


Software That Enables Us To Give You An Accurate Quote


The State of Texas authorizes a software called Xactimate. Xactimate is a consistent software tool used by most of the insurers in Texas. It does market research on how much each piece of the roof might cost or any part of your house that is damaged. Then the insurance adjuster combines all of those damaged parts and comes up with an estimate based on Xactimate. 


Why You Shouldn’t Look For a Lower Estimate Than What Insurance Has Approved


So when you receive your scope of work from the insurance company, this is actually your approved estimate. You can check with roofing companies to make sure that they can do the work within that scope, or to make sure that nothing was missed that is important to you as the homeowner. But asking for different estimates so that you can get the lowest bid only saves your insurance company money. And as we say, why buy a Pinto when you can have a Cadillac? 

Next time you want an estimate, make sure you understand what it is you’re asking for. If you have questions, give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!