Though the idea of a roof is quite simple, it is in fact a system made of several parts that need to work in concert in order to protect your home or business. At Authority Roofing, we know roofs inside and out, and we’ve answered many questions over the years. In the next few blogs, we want to share some of the most commonly-asked questions we get and then answer them for you!


What is the difference between roof windows, skylights, and sky windows?

  • There isn’t much of a difference. You can think of “skylight” as the umbrella term for any glazed assembly that lets light through a roof. Sometimes, manufacturers call large skylights “roof windows.” These are skylights that are large enough to be escape routes if there’s a fire. They are also usually so large, you can see land as well as sky. If you run into the term “sky window,” you’re probably dealing with a special type of huge skylight made for flat roofs.

How can you temporarily protect damage while waiting for emergency repairs?

  • We get our share of extreme storms in Plano, including tornadoes. When a storm comes through and your roof suffers damage, chances are good that other roofs are damaged, too. In that critical time between the storm and the arrival of our roofing crew, there are things you can do to mitigate any further damage. The most effective measure is covering the damaged area with woven plastic tarp. Use one-by-three strips of wood and screws to anchor it to the roof sheathing.  Only take these measures if you absolutely have to, and even then, think twice. Wet roofs are slick and you can end up losing a lot more than property.

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