In our last blog, we started going over roofing estimates. Once a prospective roofer looks at your home, he will give you an estimate of work to be done, materials needed, what it will cost, etc. These documents can be intimidating if you do not understand what good ones look like. That is why we are taking the time to give you guidance on how to go over estimates.

Incidental Costs and Labor

  • Sometimes, the money budgeted for labor can seem pretty high. If it does, ask the contractor where the costs come from. If the contractor is a good one, he will charge a bit more for labor because he’s providing training and the kind of salary that draws good craftsmen. However, be wary: sometimes, that higher cost simply goes into his pocket and not into creating quality results for you.

Get References

  • The contractor will probably provide positive references – customers who were so satisfied with his work that they were okay having their name given out. Feel free to talk to the references and take good notes.

Coming to a Conclusion

  • You will want to have multiple roofers make bids for your roofing project. A great way to navigate multiple estimates is to take good notes on each one. These notes can be compared, and they will help you make your decision.

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