Proper ventilation of your roof will prolong its life and the health of your home. When it comes to ventilation, there are quite a few myths floating around. Don’t be fooled by these misconceptions – your roof (and you) can’t afford it! In one of our previous blogs, we did a general overview of myths, but in this two-part series, we will go more in-depth. See part 2 here

  1. Roof vents = great roof ventilation.
    • Just because you have vents on your roof doesn’t mean your roof is actually well-ventilated. Location and type of the vents have a massive impact on their effectiveness, so it is very important to get the advice of an experienced roofer.
  2. Roof vents are for warmer climates.
    • Many people believe that the purpose of roof ventilation is to cool your home during the summer, when shingle color, insulation, and sun exposure have a far greater impact. Vents play a huge role in preventing moisture damage, which is much more common in cold climates where condensation and ice cause many complications.
  3. More attic ventilation is always good.
    • When it comes to attic ventilation, you have to think like Goldilocks – you don’t want too much or too little – you want just the right amount. Too little ventilation promotes mold and rot. Too much ventilation compromises your roof and increases the chances for leaks, blowouts, and fires. Talk to an expert to make sure you get the ratio of home to ventilation correct.

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