when you should replace your roof

When You Should Replace Your Roof

We get 1 to 2 major hail storms a year in North Texas.  It hails an average of once every 7 to 8 years at a specific address.   After the hail storm passes,  you have an inspection,  then the insurance adjuster inspects your home, it is often 4 to 5 weeks after the storm. After that, you should be safe to move forward.

What To Do Before Filing an Insurance Claim

When you have damage and you’re looking at filing an insurance claim, it’s best to have us come out and take a look at your roof first, before you file. You may not meet the damage standards for your insurance to replace your roof. If that’s the case, it is often best to wait a few months until it hails again, as another hailstorm might leave you with enough damage to qualify. 

Why We Recommend That We Inspect Your Roof

It’s difficult to impossible to spot hail damage on your roof by standing on the driveway and looking up. It’s only when you get up close to the roof shingles that you can see the little dents and holes that hail makes—that’s why it’s important to have roofing professionals like us actually get up on your roof to inspect it. If you don’t do anything about these dents and holes, eventually you will end up with a leak. Whenever there’s a hole, water will find its way through and cause damage to your property. This is what we want to avoid! 

If you’re ever in doubt about the shape of your roof, simply call us and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free inspection!