Signs of Possible Hail Damage To Your Roof

Check Your Fence

You probably didn’t realize this, but your fence is your best barometer for finding out what kind of hail you had, as well as the volume and direction of the hail. If you look at your fence after a hailstorm and find that it’s covered with little white dots, that’s all hail. We refer to this as “splatter,” because it can look like someone flicked paint all over your fence. Little white dots probably indicate pea-sized hail, which won’t do any damage to your roof. But if you see bigger splotches, that can indicate larger hail. If you see several bigger splotches that can indicate that you had a high volume of large hail. If you see any dents, that can also indicate hail that can do damage to your roof.


*Check the top rail of your fence as well. Damaging hail may splinter the wood on the top and edges of your fence.
If You Find Hail Damage On Your Fence
So when you know you’ve had hail and you’re wondering whether or not you want to call us to inspect your roof, go ahead and give us a call for a complimentary roof inspection.  We will perform a complete property assessment and provide recommendations on next steps.