Want to save more energy in your home in Frisco? Authority Roofing can help.

The more energy efficient your home is, the more you’ll save on your energy bills every month. When it comes to energy savings, most people would never think about turning to a roofing company, but at Authority Roofing, we offer a variety of services that go beyond traditional roofing. Our roofers can help you save more energy and money on a monthly basis. Here are a few of the many services we offer that can help you save more energy:

#1.  Ventilation

The heat in your home rises to the attic, and when that heat has nowhere else to go, it just builds up. This heat buildup can compromise your insulation; plus, it hurts your home’s efficiency. Though it really doesn’t snow in Frisco (the average is only two inches per year), on the rare occasions when the snow does fall, poor ventilation can also put your roof at risk for ice dams. We can install professional ridge ventilation in your attic to protect your home and decrease your energy bills.

#2. Solatube

Solatube is a tube-shaped device that funnels daylight into your home, much like a skylight does. However, the output of a Solatube is much larger than that of a skylight, plus they are cost effective, and there’s no need to do any structural reframing, drywalling, tunneling, or painting to install them. You can put Solatubes almost anywhere in your home — even rooms that don’t have direct access to the roof. The best part about Solatubes is that they provide so much light that you can turn off your electric lights during the day, saving you energy.

#3. Attic Tents

Most attics are either insulated improperly or not insulated at all, and since most homes have nothing more than a hole in the ceiling covered by a “door” to access the attic, it causes energy efficiency to take a huge hit. These kinds of attic entrances are akin to keeping a window open, but with an Attic Tent from Authority Roofing, you can prevent leaks and improve your home’s efficiency.

#4. Radiant Barriers

When that bright Texas sun is pounding on your roof, it can definitely hurt your home’s efficiency through heat gain. Radiant barriers are a lot like regular insulation, but with a twist. Radiant barriers utilize special foil that reflects the heat away from your home, dramatically reducing heat gain and keeping your home a lot more comfortable and efficient.

#5. Solar Screens

Speaking of heat gain, the other areas besides your roof where heat gain is a big problem are your windows. Windows are wonderful, but they can leave some rooms in your home unbearably hot in the summer. With Solar Screens, you can stay cool and keep the blinds open, because they reduce up to 90 percent of the heat gain through windows.

Who knew a roofing company could help you save so much energy!  Are you ready to take advantage of the energy-saving services from the professional roofing contractors at Authority Roofing? Contact us today to get started!