Attic Inspection

What We Check In Your Attic and Why We Do It

Whenever you’re having your roof replaced it’s a great idea to make sure your contractor has gone into the attic before they start the job and after they finish the job. 

Freon Lines

One of the things they should look for is the freon line that leads to your air conditioning system. The freon line runs through your attic and out of the house. In some houses, the line runs extremely close to your roof decking. If your freon line is very close to the decking and your contractor doesn’t check first, he could end up hitting the line when he works on your roof. Then you’re looking at a few thousand dollars to repair the damage! 

Water Heater and Furnace

Once your roof is finished your contractor should check to make sure your water heater and your furnace are vented correctly. This venting is what allows carbon monoxide to leave your attic. It’s very important to have both units checked after a roofing job! 

If you have any questions about how we check to make sure that your air conditioning and heating units and your water heater are safe before and after we replace your roof, give us a call! And if you have any other questions about roofs or roof replacement, give us a call about that as well. We’d love to talk with you and answer all your questions!