The Authority Process is different from all other companies.

Authority Roofing has extensive experience working with insurance claims and we will take the lead in working with your insurance company to make sure you receive full compensation, which you are entitled to when your home is damaged.

We can help you expedite weather related insurance claims by providing a free estimate to include an eagleview summary of your roof dimensions, images of damage and details of damage to gutters, siding, fences, windows and more saving your adjuster time, which will expedite your claim. We will meet your adjuster on site (free of charge) and assist you in processing your claim for all damages and make sure insurance guidelines and procedures are followed. Let our trained professionals do the work for you!

Not All Hail Damage is Visible
Even if your roof appears to be OK, a hailstorm can result in hidden damage and can “bruise” the underlayment of your roofing system, weakening the protection your roof provides for your home. Damage to trim, windows, gutters, fences and more are often overlooked by homeowners because they are simply unaware of the process and many roofing companies will only repair or replace roofs. One phone call will consolidate all your repairs into one claim and save you time and the coordination of multiple repairs.

Beware of “Storm Chasers”
After a hailstorm, the area will be flooded by so-called “roofing experts” who flock into town, often from out of state to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners!

Most roofing contractors do not have the experience or insurance company connections to provide this assistance. We realize how stressful dealing with insurance claims can be. Our family will help your family make this process as stress-free as possible.