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    Were you aware that the largest hailstone, on record, to fall in the United States occurred July 23, 2010 in Vivian SD? This massive hunk of ice measures eight inches in diameter and weighs nearly 2 pounds. This prized piece of ice sits in the National Center of Atmospheric Research. If you are fascinated by hail, then we have some more statistics and information. Hail damage cost State Farm and t…Read More

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    There are a number of considerations to account for when deciding on what type of roof you want. You might opt for a slate or tile roof but aren't aware that due to the weight this might not make sense for your house. No need to get into a panic though, we are experts in the field of roofing and are here to guide you through the process. The most commonly used of all roofing materials is the aspha…Read More

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    Call us at Authority Roofing when you need expert residential roofing in Murphy. Let us guide and help you with all your roofing needs whether it's a new installation or repair job. Our team is knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced at repairs, new roof installation and re-roofing projects. Our company provides you with a personal project manager that will be your liaison for the entire pr…Read More

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    Get FREE estimates for residential roofing in Murphy, TX. We offer the best residential roofing services and products. Authority Roofing is locally owned. Our services are available throughout the state of Texas by our professional, insured production crews with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.    …Read More

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    Call Authority Roofing for residential roofing in Murphy when summer storms knock your shingles down. We'll get it all fixed up for you! Even if your roof appears to be okay, a hailstorm can result in hidden damage and can “bruise” the underlayment of your roofing system. It can weaken the protection your roof provides for your home. Give us a call at 972-317-ROOF.…Read More

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    Call Authority Roofing for professional residential roofing in Murphy. Our customers and clients want and deserve top quality roofing materials, professional installation, along with the lowest possible prices. That's what we deliver. We'll even provide you with a FREE roofing project estimate. Schedule one here.…Read More